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River allows entrepreneurs to stay focused by providing them the tools they need to run their business.

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River gives you the tools you need to bill and manage your clients.

Set It & Forget It Billing Setup your re-occurring bills once and River will send them when they are due
Accept Online Payments Allow your clients to pay their bills online. Choose which bills accept online payments
Customize Invoices Choose a template, upload your logo and send your clients professional invoices
Visual Reporting Keep track of your invoices, project annual income & stay organized
Import Contacts Use your existing database or contact list to easily import your contacts in seconds
Simple Notifications River will notify you when bills are sent and when bills have been paid

Case Studies

Below are three stories about entrepreneurs and how River solved their problems,
giving them the opportunity and flexibility to follow their dreams.


Meet Andrew, a Designer

Andrew charges his clients hosting every year, but because of the nature of his business, he needs a system to keep track of when invoices are due and which clients have already paid. When he first started, keeping track of his first few clients wasn't exactly difficult, but as he grew, managing his growth became a problem.

Using River, Andrew can schedule invoices to be sent automatically.

He simply just selects when to send them, and River takes care of the rest. Andrew receives a notification when an invoice has been set up and when it has been paid.


Meet David, a Contractor

David is a general contractor who charges for the time his employees spend on handy services around his clients' homes. He needed a mobile system that his employees could access on the road that would display client contact information in the event they needed to reach a home owner. Additionally, he felt it would make his life easier if his employees could send out an invoice immediately after the services were complete, without having to return to the office.

Using River, David's employees can process paperwork in just a few clicks.

It took three hours to replace the piping under Mrs. Smith's sink, but only 30 seconds to send her a bill for his time. David gets a notification that the job is complete and can now manage all of his invoices in one centralized place. He's green and efficient and managing his staff has never been easier.

Contacting Joe living at 123 Easy Street, just became well, easy.

With just a few clicks, David's employees can look up Joe's phone number while they are leaving the previous job to let Joe know that they are on their way.


Meet Melanie, a Photographer

Melanie is always traveling for her work, trying to capture the perfect photograph. Not having a central location makes it difficult for Melanie to get paid for her work. She needs a system that not only keeps track of her invoices, but also allows her to get paid while she is working remotely.

Using River, Melanie can get paid, from anywhere.

She can now allow her clients to pay her with a credit card, making it easier for her to travel for long periods of time without having to return to her studio to collect checks from the mail. Her process is now automated, efficient and allows her to focus on her creativity.

River gives her options

Melanie isn't locked into just one payment method. She can have her clients pay by credit card or through their PayPal account, or both. River let's her choose, then alerts her when a payment was made.

PayPal,, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover



We designed our plans to be the right fit for you.

$2 for each additional invoice sent


  • 3 Active Invoices / month
  • Unlimited Contacts
Per month billed annually or $15 month-to-month.
$2 for each additional invoice sent


  • 10 Active Invoices / month
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Quotes & Receipts
  • All Payment Gateways
  • Set It & Forget It Billing
  • Contacts Import
  • Contacts Support Log
Per month billed annually or $25 month-to-month.


  • Unlimited Active Invoices
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Quotes & Receipts
  • All Payment Gateways
  • Set It & Forget It Billing
  • Contacts Import
  • Contacts Support Log

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